A Letter From DoneGood's Founder

Hello DoneGood family.  Well, this is an interesting one to write.  We have some pretty big news.  After nine years… DoneGood is being acquired. 

Although, “acquired….” I dunno man.  That’s corporate talk.  It’s more about the synergies.  But synergies, that’s corporate-speak too isn’t it.

Well it’s really about… new beginnings.  New energy.  New ways of combining forces to catapult missions forward. 

Ok how about I just get to the news: The company acquiring DoneGood is Karma Wallet.  They’re another impact startup and a Certified B Corp.  They evaluate thousands of companies on their social and environmental impact using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Then they empower people with personalized data on their carbon footprint, insights into the impact of their shopping habits, and cash back and rewards for shopping sustainably.  So… yeah obviously our companies’ missions fit pretty well together.

And Karma Wallet is a bigger team with more resources, and they’ve been in the lab innovating really cool new things—both things already planned for their business, and already generating cool new ideas for DoneGood.  They’re about to launch their Karma Wallet card—a debit card that gets you cash back at thousands of sustainable brands across the country.  And they’ll be developing even more powerful recommendation engines so that they can tell you—based on things you already buy—how to make simple switches to improve the social and environmental impact of your purchases.

And they’re soon planning to launch an Amazon-Prime-like membership where you can get extra cash back and free shipping for purchases on DoneGood!

Ok, so what this is really about?  Well it’s not about shopping.  I never wanted it to be about the shopping.  It’s about what I always wanted all of this to be about—

It’s about power.  

And making it easier for us all to wield our collective power for good.

You’ve heard me say: In a supply and demand economy, we, consumers, have ALL the power.  Whatever we demand the market supplies.  The more we demand products made with living wages, the more living wage jobs there’ll be.  The more we demand eco-friendly products, the more the market supplies climate change-fighting business practices. 

We.  Can.  Demand.  Anything.  And.  They.  Will.  Give.  It.  To.  Us. 

We have all the power.

The dollars we all spend ARE THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL FORCE FOR CHANGE!  I really believe that’s true.

Karma Wallet and DoneGood combined are more powerful together.  And we believe that the two organizations joining forces can help YOU wield your purchasing power, your greatest source of power, even more effectively.  And I can tell you the Karma Wallet team is smart, determined, and passionate about the mission and the potential of what’s to come.  They’re hitting the ground running.  They’re pumped.  I know DoneGood is in good hands.

So here’s to new beginnings and new energy.  And to people, organizations, and movements, growing stronger together.

As always – I love you for being here.  I love you for caring.  Thank you, for everything over these last nine years.  And thank you for continuing to do good out there, always.

Talk soon!

Founder of DoneGood

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