A Resource for Supporting Black-owned and Person of Color-owned Businesses—Updated for 2022

At the beginning of last summer, at least half a million everyday activists across the country joined together to protest systemic racism and police brutality after the tragic death of George Floyd. As many individuals wondered what they could do to fight injustice, it became evident that supporting Black-owned and person of color-owned businesses was a wonderful first step in empowering BIPOC and working towards equality for all.

We originally published this resource last summer to help you find ethical, sustainable, black-owned businesses. We also voiced our desire to keep adding to the list and, since then, we’ve been able to join with more black-owned businesses, add them to our marketplace, and hopefully make them known and available to the wonderful DoneGood community! 

DoneGood believes in voting with your dollars, and right now, that vote means more than ever. During Black History Month (and beyond!), we hope you’ll support some of these amazing black-owned businesses who are doing good for people and the planet.

Black-owned, DoneGood-approved Brands

Along with being Black-owned, these businesses have gone through DoneGood's screening process to ensure they're empowering workers, paying good wages, and using eco-friendly business practices.


Gorongosa Coffee

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique—once threatened by civil war—is  now one of the world’s greatest human development and wildlife conservation success stories. And with The Gorongosa Trust as its lone shareholder, Gorongosa Coffee exists to support that restoration and conservation! Their delicious coffee is grown alongside native saplings to restore the rainforests on Mount Gorongosa. Not only that, but 100% of profits from your purchase directly supports the park’s projects in wildlife conservation, girls education, or rainforest restoration. Your pick! Gorongosa Coffee believes that with your help, we can see 20,000 girls with a diploma, 1 million trees planted, 250,000 large mammals thriving by 2035!

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Founder Mishell started STINA + MAE when she was looking for functional, safe baby essentials after her son was born. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she made them herself, designing changing mats, blankets, burp cloths, and nursing pads that are as great for the planet as they are for babies. STINA + MAE is looking out for little ones everywhere—from GOTS certified organic fabric that’s free from harmful toxins, functional designs that work for parents and babies alike, and adorable unique designs that celebrate the joys of babyhood. Their collection is full of the perfect gifts to help parents capture the “awe moments” for their babies.

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Paunchy Elephant

Paunchy Elephant is a "mom-inspired" business at the core. Black-owned, female-founded, and family-run, this Seattle-based family wants to pass on the love and laughter they share around the kitchen table. They do that by providing us with delicious and organic teas, drinks, and sauces—from their kitchen to ours. All their products are sustainably hand-crafted in the USA with fair trade ingredients and made to take part in both the special and ordinary moments in your life. So relax, indulge, and consume sustainably!

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POC-owned, DoneGood-approved Brands

The following brands are people of color-owned and have been screened by DoneGood to ensure they're empowering workers, paying good wages, and using eco-friendly business practices.

  • Mayamam Weavers - Fair trade handwoven home goods and accessories inspired by the rich colors and traditional techniques of Mayan culture. Mayamam Weavers supports a women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala with fair wage jobs, skills-based education and childcare.
  • Hathorway - Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind geometric jewelry made of upcycled buffalo horns that give back to empower women.
  • Sitti Soap - Vegan, all-natural, olive oil soap handmade by refugees. Sitti Soap is a zero-waste company that brings fair wage employment to women refugees in the Middle East.
  • Teadora - Vegan, cruelty-free beauty goods powered by sustainably-harvested remedies from, and restoring, the Amazon.
  • Eucalypso - Soft, sustainable sheets ethically made with 100% organic eucalyptus. 10% of proceeds support wildlife conservation.
  • Vustra - Organic, ethical apparel for men with style. Vustra is on a mission to make clothes that not only look good but feel good by supporting sustainable, slow fashion.

DoneGood is always striving to do more to empower and promote sustainable brands founded by trailblazing people of color. If you know of a brand you think fits these criteria, let us know by suggesting a brand. If you are a brand owner, please submit a brand application for us to review.

Resources to Find More Black-Owned Businesses

There are so many apps, websites, and resources that exist to help you locate Black-owned businesses in your community. Don't forget to think about your own past experiences and word of mouth from your friends as you look for local Black-owned businesses in your local community and online, but check out the following apps, websites, and resources as well: 



eatOkra is a Black-owned restaurant directory app that features thousands of eateries all over the country. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply search by location and preferred cuisine and eatOkra will give you plenty of suggestions for nearby options that are black-owned. Once you select a restaurant, eatOkra provides you with contact information, details on delivery services, and navigation to get you there. 

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Black Wall Street

With thousands of listings, Black Wall Street is one of the largest directory apps for Black-owned businesses. Simply search for a product or category, include your location, and Black Wall Street will give you recommendations of Black-owned businesses and services. The app is easy to use and it features a wide selection of businesses across most states—it even has some international Black-owned businesses listed! 

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When you visit WeBuyBlack.com, you’ll have no trouble figuring out the format. WeBuyBlack is a typical marketplace set-up, but it features only products from Black creators and business owners. It’s simple to navigate, has a wide selection of everything you’d look for on a shopping site, and it’s got one easy checkout at the end.


Ethel’s Club

Ethel’s Club is a truly unique resource for everyone. The website features a marketplace to purchase products from black business owners, but it is primarily a digital membership club designed for people of color to thrive. BIPOC business owners, creatives, freelancers, etc. can join to take part in the community, attend digital professional events, access tools, and more!  

There are so many great apps and resources for finding Black-owned businesses. The above resources are just a small sampling. Be sure to check out more Black-owned business directories like: whereu came from, I am Black Business, Black Nation, and Support Black Owned.

And when you find a Black-owned business that you love, don’t forget to spread the word and continue the support! Tell your friends, tag the business on social media, and leave reviews on Google or restaurant/business directory apps.

Resources to Find More POC-owned Businesses

There aren’t quite as many resources for POC-owned businesses, but you can still find a few. Check out HispanicYa! for a directory of Hispanic-owned businesses across the country. Also, look at the SBA8A Directory for small businesses that are federally-certified as owned by women or minorities. 

Finally, to find minority-owned businesses that share your eco-friendly values, look into Green America's Minority-Owned Green Businesses directory. Scroll through their list or search for the particular type of business you’re looking for to keep voting with your dollars.

Looking for more?

If you’re looking for a few more BIPOC-owned businesses to support, check out these brands. While they have not gone through the DoneGood approval process, they all voice their passion for sustainability and ethics in their businesses.

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    Hi! I’m 95% sure Maggie’s Organics is not owned by a person of color and question several other brands on your list. Please re-check!

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