An Earth Day Unlike Any Other

We know combating climate change and protecting the natural world are super important to most of the folks reading this. Earth Day may not be a substantially different day than any other here at DoneGood or for a lot of you out there who are already conscious about making choices that minimize waste and your carbon footprint.

Even so, each year Earth Day is a great opportunity to reach new people and grow awareness about the impact we can have if we all work together to reduce carbon and waste in our daily lives.

But wow, this one--the 50th anniversary of Earth Day--it's a weird one this year, isn't it?

One bit of good news the last few months has been that pollution has been visibly reduced around the globe. But these changes may not last once life returns to normal. It's up to us to continue to shape what that new normal looks like.

There are many ways we all have power to shape the future. You find can lots of resources on, including the Earth Day Live streaming event and virtual protests you can participate in. You can donate to organizations addressing climate change, like the Rainforest Foundation, the Clean Air Task Force or the Climate Emergency Fund. And you can support candidates for political office who believe in science and recognize the fact that climate change is real and we need bold action.

And of course we started DoneGood because we believe the world’s most powerful force for change is the dollars we all spend. The more we support companies using radically ecofriendly approaches to doing business, the more they succeed, and the more other businesses follow suit. If businesses act to become even somewhat more sustainable we can reach Paris Accord goals, in spite of the fact that a certain someone pulled America out of that agreement.

That evolution in the business world HAS occurred in huge ways in recent years, and it’s us, with our purchasing power, who are continuing to drive that change forward.

We're not here to push you to buy things you don't need, but when you do need something, it makes an impact to get it from companies that are taking action to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions and protect the planet. Their products are usually longer-lasting too, so that means reducing consumption over the long-run. If you need help finding them, that's what we're here for!

Thanks so much for everything you do, on Earth Day, and every day.

-The DoneGood Team


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