Brand Spotlight: Hathorway

Hathorway is one of the newest brands to join the DoneGood family, so it’s only fitting that we give them a little love and a warm welcome with today’s brand spotlight.

Plus, they’re awesome and they just deserve to be highlighted!

What’s so cool about Hathorway, and what do they even do anyway?

I’m so glad you asked!

Sustainable Jewelry and Accessories

Hathorway makes gorgeous, luxurious, and sustainable jewelry and accessories from a variety of different natural materials. All of Hathorway’s products are non-toxic and designed to last for the long haul. 

You can shop the Hathorway store by item type like earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and bangles, bags and purses, and rings, or if you like you can shop by material.

The materials that Hathorway uses to create its gorgeous goods are a bit offbeat. You’ll find sterling silver and gold-plated brass, sure, but you’ll also find rattan, wicker, and upcycled buffalo horn, as well as any combination of the above!

Sourcing Horns That Are Agricultural Byproducts (For Real)

That whole “buffalo horn” might have given you pause, but let’s take a closer look at how those are sourced and what makes them a sustainable material.

One of the brand’s core values is that its products should be made of nothing but natural materials. Buffalo horn is one of those materials. It provides a unique look and feel that is completely different from one piece to another and would be difficult to replicate without using toxic materials like resin, plastic, and acrylic.

Hathorway ethically sources all of its buffalo horn from farms in Vietnam that would otherwise discard the horns as waste- a byproduct of the food industry or deadstock. Hathorway recovers this waste material and turns it into something beautiful using a toxic chemical-free process and a Vietnamese technique that’s been in use for 400 plus years.

Since these horns are high in nitrogen, all excess shavings leftover from the jewelry making process can be returned to the earth as fertilizer on nearby rice farms. 

The founder frequently visits the village in Vietnam from which these horns are sourced to make sure that everything is on the up and up!

The Brainchild of Founder Jessica Phan

Jessica Phan is the founder and driving force behind Hathorway. 

The brand started as many businesses do- as a hobby. Natural jewelry making was something that Phan worked on during nights and weekends while she continues to work her day job as Head of Design for a Palo Alto startup. 

When she grew tired of the tech industry, she struck out on her own to start a business making things that people would love, and also making a difference in the world. Her brand is based around 4 simple principles:

  1. The Wearer Matters- Good accessory design respects the wearer by being comfortable, practical, and versatile. Hathorway products feel good just as much as they look good and do good.
  2. The Designs Matter- The timeless aesthetic of Hathorway jewelry means that you’ll love wearing it for years and years to come, even after trends change.
  3. The Makers Matter- Hathorway works only with suppliers who treat and pay their workers fairly and provide safe working environments for them.
  4. The Earth Matters- Hathorway is mindful of its environmental impact at every part of the design and production process. Materials and processes are both thoughtfully selected for minimal harm.

Women Supporting Women

One of Hathorway’s main goals as a company is to empower and support women all around the world. That’s why 10% of their profit is donated organizations that accomplish those goals. 

You can see which organizations Hathorway has partnered with recently on the Empowering Women page of their website, as well as suggest your own initiative for them to support in the future!

Welcome, Hathorway!

As you can see, Hathorway is a great addition to our brands, and if you’ve peeked at their website, you’ve probably spied a thing or two that would make a great addition to your personal collection.

Don’t let me keep you- head on over to Hathorway to see all the beautiful, sustainable, timeless jewelry and accessories they have for sale!


Kayla Robbins
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