Eco-Friendly Gadgets & Wonders - DoneGood Holiday 2021 Gift Roundups

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Eco-Friendly Gadgets & Wonders 

DoneGood Holiday 2021 Gift Roundups

GoogleTrends says technology and gadgets are the most popular gifts this holiday season — count us in! But being on the cutting edge of tech doesn’t mean we have to disregard our values. These techie gadgets and wonders will please everyone on your list with next-level functionality and sustainability. The future is now! 

Go-Anywhere Solar Light, Speaker & Charger

solar light speaker charger mpowerd holiday tech gifts

Task light, emergency light, camping light, backyard or in-home decorative light —all with no power required! Direct LED light wherever you choose for up to 12 hours on a single charge with this lightweight, waterproof rechargeable solar lantern. Hassle-free and ready for adventure, many of MPOWERD’s ethically made solar lanterns double as Bluetooth speakers and two-way chargers. What’s even brighter? Every purchase you make helps MPOWERD donate lights to  people across the globe living without reliable electricity.

$74 each—Buy Now 

Future of Tech Ethical Earbuds

xact wireless earbuds holiday tech gifts

Pop in a podcast, turn up the tunes, and make a few calls with ethically made wireless earbuds from XACT! With noise reduction technology, built-in mics on both buds, and the latest Bluetooth technology for extended range, these fast-charging earbuds come with a magnetic charging case. Live on the cutting edge with ethically-made, sustainably-sourced tech that sounds great and does good. 

$80/pair, charging case included—Buy Now 

Bamboo Blue Blockers

bamboo blue light blockers panda holiday tech gifts

What’s next in professional fashion? Blue-blocking computer glasses with stylish frames and built-in eye protection. These lightweight bamboo specs block blue light from screens, enabling you to get the job done without sacrificing your health. Made from naturally antibacterial, eco-friendly bamboo, these cool blue-blockers make you look stylish on Zoom calls in every possible way.

$50/pair—Buy Now 

Solar-Powered Adventure Bike Light

solar bike light mpowerd holiday tech gifts

Ride in style with the Luci Solar Bike Light Set. Bright, lightweight, and waterproof, these solar lights are ready to fuel your bike adventures. No sun? You can also recharge these versatile lights via USB. Thanks to a network of more than 345 nonprofits in 90 countries, MPOWERD helps bring light to some of the 3 billion people across the globe who lack access to electricity. Shine your light! 

$55 per set—Buy Now

Lithium Line Power Banks

These lithium line power banks from XACT make traveling a breeze. Built to last longer than three charges of a standard device, you’ll be able to spend three times as long out-and-about before needing to plug your power bank back into a wall. XACT’s ethically-made and sustainably-sourced power banks have full compatibility with all capable devices. With 10,000mAh, each bank is equipped with one USB-A charging port, one Type C input port, and one charge indicator.

$60 each—Buy Now

Surf Sleeve

Every traveler needs a way to safely carry their laptop. This laptop sleeve from Looptworks is upcycled from excess neoprene sourced from the wetsuit industry — surfing the internet has never been more fun! Lightweight and designed to fit most 15-inch laptops, it features a zipper closure for the main pocket and a smaller zipper pocket for any computer accessories. Like all low-impact products from Looptworks, this product comes with a Loopt4Life guarantee. All their products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, eliminating the need for waste.

$30 (available in three colors)—Buy Now

Emmanuel Docking Station

For the person who has everything, this handcrafted docking station from Vi Bella does it all: Charge your phone, hang your watch, store your sunglasses, or keep track of your keys with ease! Vi Bella works with local artisans in Haiti and Mexico to create a collection of handmade jewelry, accessories and décor. The company invests in local communities by giving back their profits for job creation in vulnerable areas and using locally-sourced materials whenever possible. 

$45—Buy Now



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