Fun Gifts for Kids that Do Good—DoneGood Gift Guides 2022

We talk sometimes about teaching our kids to do good and be kind, and of course that’s good! But we often find that kids end up teaching us more than we teach them. The kindness and compassion that they have towards other people, animals, and our planet always inspires us. Maybe it’s less about trying to be good and just letting ourselves have the kindness we naturally had as kids.

If you're looking for gifts for kids in your life that honor the kindness they already have, and maybe help continue to strengthen those traits in them, we've got some kind-for-people, kind-for-planet gift ideas for kids.


Baby Aria

One of the DoneGood community’s favorite dolls from Tikiri Toys, Baby Aria promotes creative and peaceful play for children of all ages (from newborn plus). And parents love it because it’s non-toxic and doesn’t light up or sing songs—no batteries required, just imagination. Every doll is made at an ethical factory in Sri Lanka and every purchase donates to a nearby Sri Lankan orphanage.



Organic Safari Baby Hat & Blanket Gift Set

Newborns are easy to shop for. Get them a cute snuggly blanket and they’ll be so happy they could wet themselves ;) This adorable organic cotton blanket and hat set from Stina & Mae featuring cute little jungle animals is a great cozy gift newborns will feel great in and parents will safe with. And it’s handmade by a black-owned, woman-owned business. Monomgram/Embroidery available.




Kids Socks that Save Kangaroos

If you’ve got an animal-loving kid around, these socks that save kangaroos from Conscious Step make a great gift with a double benefit. They feature cute little kangaroos, and each pair donates to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors and their work to protect our favorite marsupials. They’re also super comfy for kids and come in toddler, preschool, and youth sizes.




Matching Child & Adult Apron Set

If you’ve got a kid who loves to cook, this apron from Maymam Weavers that matches their favorite grown up will make them feel like a real chef. Each apron features a handy front pocket and is handwoven by families in Guatemala who are lifting up their whole community through their well-paying work. Pair with this kids’ chef hat that provides meals for those in need for a fun, unique gift for the kid chef.




ABC's of Embroidery Kit for Kids

A fun, hands-on gift for older kids out there who love crafting or learning a new skill. This kit from Sitti Soap will teach children how to embroider with heritage Palestine techniques—and give them plenty of practice, with 9 different keychains or necklaces, and plenty of thread and needles. This gift set supports and empowers refugees living in Jordan and creating a better life for themselves and their families.




Ocean Activity Developmental Cube Toy

Little ones are always learning, and different textures, colors, and natural noises make a great way for them to explore. This activity cube from Tikiri Toys helps them learn and explore safely. It’s organic and non-toxic, so you won’t freak out when baby immediately puts it in their mouth.



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