Is Louis Vuitton Ethical? 7 Sustainable Alternatives—Updated for 2022

You’ve probably heard us say that we’re willing to pay a little more for quality products that are made with fairness toward people and the planet. It’s true—sustainable products can tend to cost a little more than their conventional counterparts. But we think that when that extra few bucks comes with a clean conscience, it’s worth it.

That’s why we get a little frustrated at luxury goods that come with a price tag but are still made with no thought toward the environment or fair labor practices. 

Louis Vuitton has made a couple changes to make themselves look more sustainable in recent years, but real and lasting change is still a long way away for this luxury brand. Their transparency is lacking, they don’t ensure laborers are paid a fair wage, and their environmental practices are still far from climate friendly.

The good news is that there are great companies making luxury goods—luggage, handbags, totes, wallets, clutches and more—in an ethical way. They’re paying fair wages to their laborers, using ethically-produced materials, fighting climate change through their business practices, and giving back in the communities where their products are made. And none of this at the expense of luxury! These are finely-made goods, made well, made fairly, and sold at a reasonable price. We can get behind that.

So whether you’re looking to treat yo self, or shopping for a surprise for that special someone (*hint hint* Valentine’s Day is coming up), let’s check out these wonder brands who make ethical, sustainable, beautiful accessories that you’ll love.


If you’re looking for an ethical, sustainable alternative to Louis Vuitton’s classic Neverfull bag, Catrinka’s totes might be just what you’re looking for! And with this beautiful, bougie bag, you’re doing a whole world of good! Catrinka’s beautiful bags and accessories are ethically made by women around the world who are receiving fair wages. These women use traditional artisan techniques from their cultures and utilize sustainable, locally-sourced materials to further lift up their local economies. A portion of proceeds is then invested in education and mentoring for adolescent girls in the places where their products are made. 

Purse & Clutch

The name says it all. Purse & Clutch not only sells well...purses and clutches...but all kinds of unique bags that are doing good in the world! All their products are ethically handmade by artisans in Mexico and Ethiopia with practices that are great for people and the planet. Purse & Clutch is committed to eco-friendly materials and production, great relationships with their artisans, and no child or underpaid labor in their supply chain. All this works together for globally-inspired, high-quality bags that give back. 


Nisolo is virtually synonymous with fine leather goods, so it’s no wonder they offer a collection of drool-worthy weekender bags, totes, handbags, wallets, and more. And they’re doing it without harming the planet or the people in it! Nisolo pays their workers above fair trade wages, provides healthcare benefits, and offers life-changing personal development programs. They see making their bags as an artform, which shows through in their products and the way they support their artists. 

Deux Mains

What if your beautiful, luxury bag could help provide a better life to artisans in impoverished Haiti? With Deux Mains, it can! Deux Mains employs female artisans in Haiti and teaches them how to handmake accessories from sustainable, local materials like ethical, locally-sourced leather and even repurposed old tires! The result is a beautiful collection of men’s and women’s bags, wallets, and other accessories that do good and capture the spirit of Haiti! 

Brave Soles

Woman-owned Brave Soles believes in offering luxury and handcrafted leather bags at a price you can actually afford. These beautiful designs are made with love in the Dominican Republic, by craftspeople who are receiving fair wages and fair treatment. Brave Soles is constantly working to make their supply chain as eco-friendly as it can be; they're committed to less waste, no chemicals, sustainable business practices, and upcycled materials—including old tires! The perfect, sustainable LV alternative if you’re on a budget.


MADE FREE is taking the war on slavery to the next level! They attack the roots of poverty and human trafficking, and they do it through handcrafted and high-quality bags and accessories! Every purchase supports crafters around the world through self-sustaining employment, and MADE FREE even tells you how many days of freedom you're providing by purchasing one of their sharp-looking products. MADE FREE is the perfect brand to browse around for men’s or women’s wallets, pouches, totes, and even computer bags and laptop cases.


Talk about doing better for the environment than conventional brands—Looptworks saves old products and fabrics that are headed for the landfill and turns them into beautiful and durable luggage, bags, wallets, and other accessories. With a wide range of prices, Looptworks truly has high-quality, sustainable goods for everyone. And to further keep stuff out of landfills, Looptworks offers a lifetime warranty on all their products; they'll do repairs at a reasonable price for any damages that fall outside the warranty. Check out their collection for guilt-free luxury.





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