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Labor Day weekend is always a highlight of the year. It's time off to relax with friends and family and enjoy the late summer weather and simple pleasures. We owe this holiday and so much about the American way of life to those who sacrificed for the labor movement, some with their lives, in the late 19th and 20th centuries, and to those who continue to fight for equitable treatment today.

The 8 hour day, the 40 hour work week, paid time off, holidays (like this one), child labor laws, maternity and family medical leave, a statutory minimum wage, healthcare, pensions and other benefits: all of these hard fought gains of the labor movement (and even the fact that we have a middle class in America) are easy to take for granted today because they've become such an integral part of life and employment in America.

And the struggle continues. The fight for $15 still goes on because minimum wage laws have not kept up with a fair standard of living. Pensions are extinct for all but an ever shrinking minority of the workforce. Healthcare costs eat into more and more of our take home pay. And in developing countries and some of the world's industrial centers, many of these rights are non-existent—poverty wages, unsafe conditions, forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor are still all too common.

We don't mean to bum you out when you're just trying to grill out. But the story of the labor movement is extraordinary and should be celebrated! And it's not over. It's something we can all still be a part of.

There's lots of Labor Day sales going on out there right now, but not all of them are a chance for you to make an impact and support good jobs and good wages for makers. Not all of them empower women and create opportunities in impoverished and marginalized communities. But we make sure everything you buy on DoneGood is good for people and the planet. We do our homework and make sure that before any products are added to our site, the people making them earn a living wage. And many of our brands go beyond that with a mission focused on empowering and enriching the lives of the real people making these items.

So we've put together this round up of great deals going on on DoneGood this Labor Day weekend. Unlike most Labor Day sales, with this one, every purchase you make supports what Labor Day stands for. Because good jobs are absolutely worth celebrating!

DoneGood Labor Day Sales 2020:

Up to 80% Off Delilah Home Sheets and More 

All Delilah Home products are on sale right now, with discounts up to 80% off! Sale goes through Tuesday, September 8th. We recommend their organic cotton and organic hemp bed sheets!

Delilah Home cares about quality, the environment, and the community they serve. They partner with fair trade factories who are certified to the highest textile standard. And they pay employees above living wages. All of their bedding and towels are also made to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) using the highest quality organic cotton and hemp material.


$1200 Off PlushBeds Organic Mattresses


Get $1,200 Off all Organic Bedroom Mattresses, plus get a FREE plush luxury sheet set and mattress protector included with your purchase. And 25% Off Toppers, Bedding & Furniture. No code needed. Through Monday, September 7th.

Their top of the line Botical Bliss Mattresses are available in two different firmnesses and made with three layers of organic latex, topped off with a layer of temperature regulating organic wool and super soft and breathable organic cotton.


30% Off SAOLA vegan kicks

SAOLA vegan sneakers

Sneakers—everyone has a pair or several. And it can be really hard to find ones that are made responsibly with all vegan materials. And how do they make these stylish and affordable kicks? With a whole lot of imagination, recycled single-use plastic bottles, organic cotton, cork, and algae! Yeah, algae! They harvest harmful algae from lakes and rivers to make the insoles and outsoles of their sneakers!


30% Off Starfish Project jewelry

Starfish Project jewelry

This weekend you can get 30% Off all jewelry from Starfish Project!

Starfish Project restores hope to women in Asia escaping the sex industry, by providing life-changing opportunities where women create beautiful jewelry and earn a fair wage--and also receive skills training so they can move on to professional careers as entrepreneurs, educators, photographers, and more!



Use code LABOR40 and get 40% Off solar powered lights, phone chargers, and bluetooth speakers by MPOWERD! Ends Monday, September 7th.


25% Off Vi Bella

All Vi Bella bags, jewelry, and accessories are 25% off through the end of the month! No code needed.

Vi Bella provides employment opportunities to underserved communities in Haiti and Mexico to help lift families out of poverty. Their handmade jewelry, accessories, and home goods use sustainable, recycled, and locally sourced materials.


30% Off Bags and Accessories from Malia Designs

Get 30% Off items from Malia Designs, including the best selling 5-Packs of Reusable Cotton Face Masks! Handcrafted items from Cambodia made with recycled, repurposed materials and made to fight human trafficking!


Up to 75% Off Items in Synergy Organic Clothing's Sale Collection

Comfortable, sustainable, fair trade men's and women' apparel made with organic and natural fabrics and low impact dyes by workers making a fair wage.


Deux Mains

Deux Mains

Get feather earrings FREE with any purchase.

Deux Mains sandals, bags, jewelry, and accessories are made with repurposed and responsibly-sourced materials by workers in Haiti earning a good wage.


15% Off Newly home goods


Newly makes home goods including blankets, glasswear, boards, and serving trays from 100% recycled or repurposed materials. When you shop with Newly you're reducing waste with useful items that elevate your home's style.


Save $40 on all Maven Women apparel

Maven Women apparel

Save $40 on every item in Maven Women's collection. Work and evening wear made by women, for women. The Maven team goes through extensive processes with real women to create inclusive designs that fit and flatter a wide range of body types. They've done an amazing job creating workwear, primarily from organic cotton, that's durable yet breathable and wrinkle resistant. Maven women is woman-owned, their manufacturer in Los Angeles is women-owned, and your purchases empower the women who make the clothes with a living wage.


25% Off Teadora skin and hair care


Teadora's vegan, cruelty-free beauty products are derived from sustainably-harvested natural Brazilian botanicals. They are committed to fighting climate change through preservation and restoration of the regions of the Amazon where their ingredients are sourced.


15% Off Fountain House + Body

Fountain House + Body

15% Off hand sanitizer, soaps and shampoos for the body and cleaners for the home.

Only natural ingredients go into Fountain House + Body's cleaning products. They make soaps, shampoos, and hand sanitizer for the body, and detergents and cleaners for the home, dishes, and laundry. 

Fountain House + Body's products are plastic-free and low-waste. And they do good for people too. It's Fountain House's mission to create employment opportunities for individuals with mental illness.


Even more deals: 

20% Off Passion Lilie apparel

Passion Lilie

Passion Lilie's men's and women's apparel is set apart by hand-blocked prints on handwoven fabrics. When it comes to what goes in their products, Passion Lilie uses organic and natural dyes on organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton. Their clothes are both ecofriendly and feel great. No code needed. Offer excludes Fall 2020 collection.


20% Off Brave Soles sandals and accessories


Brave Soles makes sandals and accessories utilizing upcycled tires and high quality leather in the Dominican Republic. They ensure all of their employees and suppliers are employed ethically, including fair wages, vacation time, health care, and safe working conditions. All of their products are made to be long-lasting classics that will be a part of your look for years to come.


20% Off Kind Karma


Kind Karma

Uniquely handcrafted jewelry ethically made by at-risk youth in Toronto.


25% Off Blue Mayan Coffee

Get 25% Off sustainably harvested beans from Blue Mayan Coffee! No code needed. Sale ends Tuesday, Sept 8th.

Blue Mayan Coffee is sustainably harvested on family-owned farms in Guatemala. They pay their employees beyond fair wages, offer benefits, and have even built public schools for their workers' children! Check out each blend's description to find the right one for you. Or if you can't decided, you can go with their sampler pack for starters.

Sale on XACTLY Backpack bundles

XACTLY bundles

XACTLY has found sustainable ways to rethink how some of our most commonly used items are made, like backpacks, water bottles, earbuds, and chargers. Their backpacks include built in cable management, and pockets for charging and hydration. This weekend you'll find great deals on their backpack bundles putting it all together, combining form, function, and sustainability.



Get 25% Off fair trade jewelry, home decor and accessories from SLATE + SALT. These one-of-a-kind items are made by talented rural artisans in underdeveloped nations supporting their families and communities.

25% Off Apparel from The Good Tee

A great go-to for certified fair trade organic cotton tees and tops for the whole family. Check out their natural dye kits to DIY your Good Tee and make it your own!


15% Off Kyrgies

A DoneGood favorite and just about the most comfortable your feet can be! Kyrgies are handmade in Kyrgystan by artisans earning a living wage.


10% Off Five North Chocolate

Guilt-free, plant-based fair trade chocolate from five degrees north of the equator, made with love by a Certified LGBT Enterprise.


20% Off Tikiri Toys

100% natural rubber teethers and toys ethically and sustainably made, designed to delight and promote infant development from newborns to children.


15% Off Items from Ocelot Market

Get 15% off your order of items from Ocelot Market. For all Ocelot Market purchases thru Sept 7th, 5% of orders under $100 and 10% of purchases over $100 will be donated to garment workers in Bangladesh affected by the pandemic.

15% Off BOLD Swim

Use code BOLDSWIM15 to save 15% on eco-lux swim and activewear designed to be both size and racially-inclusive. BOLD Swim uses biodegradable fabrics and designs are made-to-order to reduce waste. Offer is good through September 7th.

20% Off Global Gifts

Unique, handmade fair trade gifts. Global Gifts, a non-profit enterprise run mostly by volunteers, has supported artisans all over the world for over 30 years!

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