Starfish Project: Jewelry that Gives Hope

Hi Done Good Community! Greetings from across the ocean at our Starfish Project Headquarters in Asia. We are so excited to be with you today as we launch our exciting new Give Hope Necklace! As a community that’s all about doing good we know you will love the one-for-one impact of this Necklace! Let us share with you how your purchase of this beautiful necklace will directly impact the life of a woman trying to escaping exploitation.

At Starfish Project, we deeply believe in the power of hope! We have the privilege every day of seeing hope lived out in the survivors of human trafficking, who are building new lives through creating beautiful jewelry at Starfish Project. Even in the brothels, we visit multiple times a week, there is hope to be found - hope for a new life, hope for freedom. We are so privileged to share this hope with the women we meet as we offer them a way out of exploitation through our jewelry business. 


For many women, their first birthday at Starfish Project is among their favorite memories…. the first time they have been celebrated and given a gift.


Part of giving hope is simply reminding each woman of her value by building a relationship and showing her that she is loved and lovable. One simple way of speaking value into the lives of the women we meet in the brothels is by giving a thoughtful gift. You would be shocked how a simple gift of grapes has completely transformed a relationship that was once at a standstill. We have learned the power of a thoughtful gift from the women already experiencing freedom at Starfish Project. Many of the women in our office will tell you that their first birthday at Starfish Project is among their favorite memories. For most, it is the first time they have been celebrated and given a gift that was thoughtfully chosen specifically for them. 



So this holiday season our team of survivors have created the Give Hope Necklace as a way to invite YOU to share your hope with women and girls still stuck in exploitation. As you purchase the Give Hope Necklace, either to gift or to keep, we will set aside a necklace exactly like yours to give to a woman still in the brothel.


As our Outreach Teams visit women still in exploitation, we will deliver your message of hope along with the beautiful Give Hope Necklace. This is how we will further build relationships and offer women the opportunity to experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers at Starfish Project! 


The coming together of the mother-of-pearl and 14k gold plating speaks of the restoration the women have experienced here at Starfish Project, as well as their heart to see women still stuck in exploitation experiencing freedom.  On the other side of this reversible necklace, we have engraved the word ‘hope’. We hope that as the women we meet receive this beautiful gift, they will have new hope for a life outside of exploitation. 


We hope that as you wear and gift this powerful necklace, you too will be inspired by the survivors who have created it to share hope and do good in your communities.

We lovingly package each Give Hope Necklace in our brand new Gold and White gift box and include a card explaining the one-for-one impact of this purchase inside. When you give this beautiful heart necklace to someone you care about, she will also know that one has been created to offer the hope of freedom to a woman still trapped in exploitation. This season, partner with the survivors of Starfish Project to give the gift of hope.


-Shelby and The Starfish Project Team

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