The Best Sustainable Brands for Expecting Mothers

Becoming a mother is a life-changing event. And while it's an amazing time, it can also be a bit quite overwhelming, especially as a new mother. With so many things to think about, it's important to make sure that you choose nothing but the best, healthiest, organic and non-toxic products for yourself and your new baby.

That's why we've put together a list of the best sustainable brands for expecting mothers. These brands help make pregnancy and life with new infants a little easier, from organic and non-toxic toys to eco-friendly diapers to organic baby clothes and maternity clothing.   

All of these and many more sustainable brands are available right here on the DoneGood website (click on a brand to check for first-time customer discount codes too!).


  1. Majamas Earth

Majamas Earth is on a mission of making motherhood more comfortable for both mothers and their babies, and to protect the Earth with products made from eco-friendly, recycled, and sustainable materials.

This brand offers a wide range of maternity clothing and products here on, including maternity and nursing-friendly tops and bras, dresses, pajamas, robes, and more.

They also carry great ecofriendly baby clothes and organic and non-toxic stuffed animals (that are also cool because they purposefully buck the old gender-conforming blue/pink color palette 😊).

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  1. Saalt

Saalt is an amazing company with a social mission to promote gender equality, reduce stigma related to menstruation, and empower women everywhere to live their best lives.

Saalt gives 10% of its proceeds to non-profits working to break down the menstrual taboo and improve menstrual health education and access to period products globally. They also have a 1-for-1 trade-in program where you can trade-in your old menstrual cup for a discount on a new one.

Saalt postpartum underwear is breathable, absorbent, and dries instantly—like to the point it’s leakproof through big sneezes during allergy season or when laughing hysterically with the bff.  It’s made with mesh and a special waist band to promote full range of motion and total comfort. 

Saalt also offers three different types of sustainable menstrual cups- a regular cup, a soft cup, and a disc.

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  1. Tikiri Toys

Tikiri Toys is a brand that offers a range of sustainable, eco-friendly non-toxic toys for babies and toddlers. The brand was founded by a mom who was looking for safer, more sustainable options for her own child.

All of Tikiri Toys' products are made from natural organic materials like wool, cotton, and all-natural rubber. They're free from harmful chemicals and dyes that are in far too many baby products these days. Plus, they're durable and built to last - perfect for those little ones who love to put everything in their mouths!

Some of the favorite products from Tikiri Toys on the DoneGood website include the Natural Rubber Duck, the Organic Cotton Rattle, and the Wooden Building Blocks.

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  1. Melioria Cleaning Products

Melioria is a sustainable cleaning brand that offers a range of organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly products that help you clean the house, and clean yourself and your baby, without polluting your home or your skin with harmful chemicals. .

Some of the sustainable products they offer include non-toxic, all-natural diaper rags, organic hand soap and body soap, home surface cleaner, dish soap, and laundry detergent.

All products are delivered in as low-waste a way as possible (for example, home surface cleaner refills are a little bit of powder in tiny box—add powder and water to the glass spray bottle they sent you with your first purchase, and you just got new home cleaner that’s virtually no-waste; packaging for dish soap bar is a little bit of recycled and recyclable paper instead of a plastic bottle, etc.).

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  1. Mountain Mels

Mountain Mels is a sustainable tea and wellness brand that offers a range of eco-friendly and organic products specifically designed for expecting and new mothers. Its mission is to provide the highest quality products while being as sustainable as possible.

Some of the sustainable products they offer on the DoneGood site include mothers' tea bundles and baby shower gift sets that include teas that promote nourishment and calmness during pregnancy, postpartum health support, greater milk-flow, and Peaceful Baby teas that can sooth gassiness, colicky times, and teething pain.  They company also offers non-chemical hand sanitizer, bug sprays, first aid kits, skin salves, and more.

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  1. Stina & Mae

This brand was founded by a woman named Mishell shortly after she had her first child. Stina & Mae is a unique brand that seeks to simplify the transition into motherhood. Its mission is to make it easy for parents to find products that are good for both their baby and the planet.

This brand offers a range of eco-friendly and organic products for expecting mothers including organic baby clothes, blankets, Nipple covers, eco-friendly diapers, and hats.

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Honorable Mention

Diaper Bag from MADE FREE

MADE FREE is a sustainable lifestyle brand that offers a range of eco-friendly products, including this stylish diaper bag. The brand was established by two moms who were passionate about creating a better world for their children.

All of MADE FREE's products are made from sustainable materials and are designed to last. Its diaper bag is made from 100% recycled cotton and can be easily converted into a backpack or messenger bag. It's also machine-washable, which is a huge plus for busy moms.

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