Unique, Socially-Conscious Gifts for Teens—DoneGood Gift Guides 2022

Pearl Izumi Upcycled Fanny Pack

So, fanny packs are back in now...wouldn't have predicted that in '99. So this one from Looptworks, in addition to getting you some cool-points with a teenager in your life, is also keeping waste out of landfills—100% of the fabric is upcycled from excess bike apparel material. It’s also plenty roomy, features two convenient pockets, and can also work as a sling.




 Flower Power Necklace

This Flower Power necklace is fun and versatile and makes a great gift for a teen girl. This cute enamel flower charm is made from recycled metals by women in India; your purchase helps provide them with scholarships and financial literacy classes, in addition to great pay. And it’s a really affordable choice.




Cord Wrap

A great stocking stuffer to help your giftee keep their phone cords, laptop chargers, and all their other tech stuff organized. A great gift buy in bulk to make sure they have plenty of backups, and to spread the love across multiple stockings. These cute, tiny cord wraps are made by underserved communities in India who earn living wages.


Luci Solar Bike Light - Set of 2

You don't have to tell them that it's really so they’ll stay safe on their bike…they can just think it’s a cool gift. These solar-powered bike lights (one for front, one for back) are a great bike accessory because they can easily recharge via clean solar energy or USB if you really need the juice quick.




Recycled Ocean Plastic Razor & Toothbrush Gift Box

Razors and toothbrushes…if you want gifts that are really needed and will definitely be used, Preserve makes that more fun with this gift basket. And to make it even more enticing, these essentials are made from recycled ocean plastic! Each set includes 1 razor, 4 replacement cartridges and 2 toothbrushes.


Upcycled Blue Jeans Hammock Chair Swing

A unique addition to any teenager’s room, this indoor/outdoor hammock chair makes a cozy place to read, do homework, or, you know, scroll TikTok ;) It’s made from upcycled denim and handmade by well-paid workers in El Salvador who are able to work from home to take care of their families.


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