Why Are Toxins Even in Beauty Products?

What toxins are used in cosmetics?

Some of us instantly freak out when we wear the word “chemical”. It’s me, I’m “some of us”. Let’s start by stating that every single thing in the world is made up of chemicals, whether they’re natural or synthetic. Natural chemicals come from good ol’ Mother Nature and Mother Nature only; and synthetic chemicals were created with a little help from humans and can’t be found in nature. Even though not all chemicals are automatically bad, they can be depending on the dosage. Since cosmetics are things we're slathering up with everyday, the chances they might be bad for our bodies and the planet are higher.

High doses of toxins in cosmetics can really mess up with skin burns and infections, but they’ve also been linked to having long term reactions like reproductive issues and cancer. As much as we’d like to think that anything allowed in a store can’t possibly be bad for us, that’s not always the case...especially with cosmetics. Check out some of the chemicals that should be banned from cosmetics, according to the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act:

  • Formaldehyde is found in nail strengthening and hair straightening products, and can irritate the eyes and disrupt the respiratory system.
  • Mercury is found in skin lighteners, and can cause damage to the kidneys and to unborn babies. 
  • Isobutyl Parabens are preservatives that can cause harm to the male reproductive system.
  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been found in products like foundation, shaving cream, hairspray and eyeliner. They can increase the risk of cancer, harm developing fetuses, and disrupt hormones. 

Sound familiar? It’s because you probably see them on a regular basis on the things in your toiletry bags or bathroom cabinet.

So why should you consider natural cosmetics over traditional cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are good for your body

Has the phrase “beauty is pain” been canceled yet? With natural cosmetics, you can put the anxiety to bed and stop googling WebMD because ingredients like planets and minerals aren’t going to mess with your immune system or your ability to have kids. Small businesses like Plaine Products create cosmetic items like toxin-free shampoos with customers’ health and wellness in mind. And Moon Bath’s certified organic body oil hydrates the skin while improving digestion. 

Small disclaimer: We’re pretty smart, but please consult a dermatologist or physician to determine what type of products are best for you and your goals. 

Natural cosmetics are good for our planet

Synthetic chemicals used in traditional cosmetics can be harmful to plants and animals. Other than babies, what’s more innocent than plants or animals?! The creation of organic and natural cosmetics doesn't put harmful toxins out into our environment, and since they don’t contain materials like aluminum and lead - they’re not adding to some of the worst pollution. We can’t speak for every brand in the world, but the non-toxic products on our site also come in sustainable packaging. And some items like the J&L Naturals cleanser bar and skin serum ship plastic-free with biodegradable labels! 

A lot of big companies are still testing traditional cosmetics on innocent animals. You don’t have to worry about that with the cruelty-free products on our site like Teadora’s lip drops, which also help preserve and restore the Amazon rainforest with each purchase. So you get to add a little razzle dazzle to your face AND to our planet.

How can I know natural cosmetics are actually toxin or cruelty-free?

Even though the proof is in the pudding, we’re big fans of research over here. For DoneGood to label a brand as toxin-free, their products must be MADE SAFE Certified or Environmental Working Group (EWG) Certified. If the brand isn’t officially certified, they must prove that all of their products don’t contain toxins, and are made with natural ingredients. Those ingredients must also be visible to consumers, so they can see for themselves. So while we can’t say that every toxin-free cosmetic you come across will actually live up to the name, we can say the ones on our site are definitely holding up their end of the deal.

If you’re looking for more natural or organic cosmetic products to add to your personal care collection, check out the ones made by DoneGood partner brands. We even have super cute sustainable cosmetic bags for you to keep them in! 

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