Face Masks

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CDC-recommended  face masks are kind of the *it* accessory these days as we work to stop the spread of COVID-19. Some of our DoneGood-approved brands have pivoted from sewing clothes to making non-medical grade face masks to help keep us stay safe! They’re going above and beyond just making masks; they’re using our purchases to help keep garment workers fairly employed during these uncertain times. If you’re looking to buy a mask online, you’ve come to the right place—check out our collection. Here’s why we think you’ll love them:

Organic and safe: We know you don’t want a bunch of yucky toxins pressed up against your face all day long! That’s why we have a large selection of non-toxic and organic face masks in cotton and hemp!

Eco-friendly: Breathe easy knowing that all our DoneGood approved brands produce face masks in an eco-friendly way! By using sustainably-produced fabrics, upcycled fabrics scraps, and minimizing waste and water, DoneGood approved brands are sure to offer you the perfect sustainable mask for you!

Made Fairly: Look no further for a Fair Trade mask! All DoneGood approved face masks were made by people earning a fair wage in safe working conditions. In fact, sales of face masks are often what keeps these artisans and craftspeople employed during the pandemic!

Great Variety: Looking for elastic ear straps? Tie back mask? A flexible nose piece? Adjustable ear toggles? Breathable cotton? Filter pockets? We’ve got em all! Find the perfect mask for you!