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What do you get for a baby for Christmas anyway? If you're shopping for meaningful holiday presents for the babies in your life, we've got you covered. We’ve got suggestions to make sure your gift is the absolute favorite! Here’s why we think you’ll love our For Babies collection:

Great options for you: Whatever you’re looking to buy and whatever your budget, we’ve got adorable and unique gifts for the babies on your list! Sustainable presents they’ll love that you can buy with a clean conscience.

Great for the planet: It can be tough to find environmentally friendly baby supplies, but we put our partner brands and their products to the test to make sure they are truly good for the planet.These brands are going zero-waste, organic, and carbon neutral. They’re giving back to plant trees and save the rainforest!

Great for people: It’s easy to find ethically-made and fair trade baby gifts with our collection! Browse through, stress-free, knowing that the people who made your gifts were paid and treated fairly.

Great stories: Everyone likes a gift with a story, right? How about being able to give a baby a rattle that’s ethically made by artisans in Sri Lanka? Or crib sheets that are better for the planet? Or a stuffed animal that’s hand knit by refugees? No better gift than that!