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It can be intimidating to shop for someone who’s eco-conscious.You think, Yeah but is my gift eco-friendly *enough*?  Or Are there sustainable presents out there that they’ll actually *like*? We want to help shut down those doubts with a killer collection of eco gifts that the earth lovers in your life will absolutely love and appreciate. Here’s why we think you’ll love our gifts for environmentalists: 

They're truly eco-friendly: We put our partner brands and their products to the test to make sure they are truly good for the planet (as well as the people in it!) These brands are going zero-waste, organic, and carbon neutral. They’re giving back to plant trees and save the rainforest. They make products that make living an eco-conscious life easier and more attainable!

They’re actually cool: Gone are the days when gifts for your eco-conscious friend meant just like a potted plant. Our earth lover gift collection has sustainable gifts that everyone will enjoy! Stuff like portable solar lanterns for camping, upcycled wallets, and sunglasses made from sustainable bamboo!

They've got a story: Everyone likes a gift with a story, right? How about telling your eco-conscious giftee “buying these socks gave back to help protect oceans” or “this yoga mat bag is made from upcycled feed sacks in Cambodia,” or “this chocolate supports wildlife conservation in Madagascar”? No better gift than that!