Highway Robery


Sometimes all you need for a great escape is a robe. That’s what the founders of Highway Robery discovered on a summer trip in west Texas. Jackie and Evan were given robes in their lodgings and proceeded to spend the rest of their trip in them. Everything from eating and drinking to sleeping and relaxing, they found being in a robe makes everything else better. You feel relaxed, at home, comfy. Highway Robery was born.

Purposefully designed to be colorful and whimsical, these robes are made with fun and funky fabric in the United States. Through purchasing deadstock fabric, (unused and unsold fabrics from textile mills and garment factories) they can lower their environmental impact than if they created their own. This idea of using deadstock fabric has another bonus too- because there’s only a limited amount of each fabric, these robes are unique (and limited!) which means their inventory is constantly updated with new fabrics.

Because Highway Robery produces all their robes in the US by workers who are paid a living wage, you can feel good about supporting a truly American brand. Utilizing deadstock fabric and a low-waste process, their vegan (yes vegan too!) robes are comfy, cozy, unique, and sustainable, you'll never want to take them off!


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