Ethical Kids Clothing


    From adorable, organic onesies for your newborn to playground-friendly essentials for your older kids, we’ve got you covered! Check out the DoneGood kids’ clothing collection to find sustainable apparel for your little ones. You’ll find quality, ethical children’s clothes that even the smallest do-gooders are sure to love.

    Good for People: As parents, we know we don’t want our kids’ clothes to come at the expense of another mother or father around the world. That’s why all the products on DoneGood are guaranteed to be good for workers! Find fair trade children’s clothing, ethical baby clothing, children’s clothes made in the USA, and way more that empower workers.

    Good for the planet: It’s kind of unbelievable the amount of clothes that kids go through. Let’s do our best to keep all that stuff from harming the environment! With quality-made organic children’s clothing, we’re getting clothes made with better processes that are less likely to end up in a landfill!

    Good & Safe: We get that you’re pretty picky with what your kid wears! That’s why many of our partner brands source natural and organic kids clothes that are safe even for sensitive skin!

    Good for kids: All the attention to detail that goes into making these sustainable and fair trade baby and kids clothes means better things for our kids. Organic fabrics instead of harmful toxins, thoughtful handmade designs instead of mass-printed ones,, and the knowledge at a young age that they’re doing a little good in the world!