Eco-Friendly Throw Pillows

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Stylish, functional, comfy, and sustainable—it’s all possible with our collection of amazing and natural throw pillows! All our pillows come from brands that are using eco-friendly and fair labor practices, so you can feel good about your new favorite piece of beautiful home decor. Here’s why we think you’ll love our decorative pillows:

Variety: Punch up your living room sofa, update your bedroom decor, or add some texture to your favorite chair! We’ve got what you need for whatever space you need to spice up!
Functional: You want a pillow that looks great, but it needs to actually be comfortable, right? We’ve got you covered! To make them even more functional, our collection features lots of removable pillow covers—perfect for a quick machine wash when they get dirty!
Natural & Organic: Our partner brands care about your health, as well as the health of the planet! That’s why they’re careful to source natural and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton. 
Style with a story:  With intricate designs, bright colors, and beautiful patterns, we think you’ll love the look of our accent pillows. But, even better, these styles are handmade, often using age-old artisanal techniques, helping artisans in the developing world support themselves and their families.
Great for people & the planet: Most importantly, your pillow is doing good for the world! All DoneGood products are made with eco-friendly and sweatshop-free practices!