Where to Buy and Donate Face Masks Online during the COVID-19 crisis

In these crazy (crazy) times, we at DoneGood hope you’re all doing well and staying well. And it’s becoming increasingly apparent that one way for us all to stay well and slow the spread of COVID-19 is to start wearing CDC recommended cotton face masks in public. As the demand begins in earnest, you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to get your hands on a face mask, or even help donate these masks to others who need them. Sure, there are lots of patterns going around for how to make your own, but there are also plenty of options to buy (and even donate) masks online. 

Some of our DoneGood-approved brands have pivoted from sewing clothes to making non-medical grade face masks to help during this crisis. And because they’re already amazing and caring, they’re going above and beyond just making masks. They’re donating masks for each mask sold and using purchases to help keep their garment workers fairly employed during these uncertain times. They’re also not making a profit off these masks—they’re truly just out to support you, their workers, and our general wellbeing.

So where can you go to both buy and donate masks online during this critical time?

First off, we should mention we have a limited quantity of 5 packs of cotton face masks by Malia Designs available for purchase right here on DoneGood.co.


Malia Designs

These 5 packs of masks come in assorted colors and patterns. And note a different pattern material is used on the inside and outside so it's easier to remember which side was exposed. All proceeds from Malia Designs mask sales are going directly to their team of makers in Cambodia. In addition, for every mask purchased, Malia Designs is donating a mask to a community in need.

Like all of the masks mentioned in this post, these are not medical grade masks.


Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel has pivoted to making 100% GOTS certified organic cotton masks. They are selling 3 masks for $15 with an additional three masks donated per purchase. You can also buy 3 masks and have 10 donated for $30 total. As a parent, I was relieved to see that Groceries Apparel is selling kids’ masks, and was happy to buy 3 for my son and donate 3 in the process. These masks, like all Groceries Apparel products, are made in the USA with chemical-free ingredients.


tonlé is producing cotton face masks to supplement the worldwide shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 crisis. tonlé says producing these masks both frees up medical-grade N95 masks to be used by frontline doctors and nurses, as well as provides extra protection over N95 masks to preserve them during this time of limited supply. tonlé is selling these masks at cost as a way to keep their sewers in Cambodia fairly employed. You can buy 10 masks for $50 (where one mask is donated for each mask bought), or you can buy in larger quantities at a lower price per unit. And if you need to wear a face mask, why not at least make it polka-dotted?


Pistol Lake

Pistol Lake is offering 3 packs of masks for $45. They are donating a portion of each mask sale to maskon.org, a non-profit whose goal is to quickly produce and distribute reusable, sanitizable emergency masks to medical workers who do not have access to FDA-approved PPE.

One of the useful features of  Pistol Lake's masks is a built-in, bendable nose strip to help the mask conform to your face. Pistol Lake's masks are sturdy 2-ply construction and made from 100% cotton. They intended to be washed in a hot cycle after each use.



NOTE: Looptworks masks are presently back-ordered 10-14 days. They are still taking orders, but expect a longer-than-typical delivery window.

Like everything Looptworks does, their masks are made from pre-consumer excess materials—meaning they are made from leftover materials from another company making a totally different product. Looptworks scoops up materials that other companies would otherwise throw out and gives them new life.

Looptwork masks are made from 2 layers of cotton and a breathable, yet waterproof, polyester layer. They are reusable and machine washable after each use. Masks are available in red, green, or you can let Looptwork pick a color for you.

Looptwork is prioritizing large quantity orders intended for essentials workers. You can read more about how Looptworks has redeployed resources to make masks, primarily intended for essential workers here.


While COVID-19 news can seem too much to bear at times, we’re encouraged by all the good news we see going on in the middle of the crisis. We’re inspired by other DoneGood approved brands like Prosperity Candle, Boll and Branch, Starfish Project, and Vustra for the ways that they’re doing good and helping others. So keep your spirits up, keep looking for others that are doing good, and keep aiming to do good yourself.





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  • Todd Lido

    Hi Sandra, I’m part of the DoneGood team. Masks donated through purchases on Groceries Apparel are being donated to UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. Mask donations through tonlé are also going directly to hospitals. You are correct, these are not medical grade masks, but the donation is still helpful to medical workers. Where medical masks are in short supply, washable and reusable cotton masks can be worn over medical grade masks to prolong their useful life.

  • Mary L Schwalb



    Because these masks aren’t medical grade (i.e., for people on t
    the frontline), I’d like to know who’s getting my mask donation?

    Thank you,

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