Where to Buy and Donate Face Masks Online during the COVID-19 pandemic

It's pretty clear that reusable, cotton face masks are going to be a standard accessory for the foreseeable future. These days, I get complimented on my face mask just as naturally as my earrings or my purse. 

So continue to stay safe, keep others safe, and slow the spread by wearing those CDC-recommended reusable cotton face masks in public. And if you're looking for an ethically-made mask to meet your needs, DoneGood has you covered! We've got masks in different sizes, masks for kids, and masks that are breathable, adjustable, and comfortable to wear all day.

And because our brands are already amazing and caring, they’re going above and beyond just making masks. Many are donating masks for each mask sold and using purchases to help keep their garment workers fairly employed during these uncertain times. 

All the masks below are non-medical grade, but CDC-recommended masks; they free up medical-grade PPE for medical professionals. Donated masks are going to vulnerable populations or to help extend the life of medical-grade PPE where there are shortages.

So where can you go to both buy and donate masks online during this critical time?


Delilah Home 

Delilah Home knows you don’t want to be breathing in plastic, PVC, or pesticide-y fabrics all day. That’s why their masks are made from 100% organic cotton or hemp to help you stay comfortable and breathe easy. Delilah Home is giving back 10% of all their mask profits to support local small businesses impacted by the pandemic and they’re donating masks to communities in need. Still not convinced? We’ve got a coupon code for you!


Malia Designs

Malia Designs is offering 5 packs of masks in assorted colors and patterns in both adult sizes and kid sizes. They've even made it a little easier for us to stay safe by sewing different pattern materials on the inside and outside, so it's easier to remember which side was exposed. All proceeds from Malia Designs mask sales are going directly to their team of makers in Cambodia. In addition, for every mask purchased, Malia Designs is donating a mask to a community in need.


Vi Bella

I mentioned that I've gotten compliments on my face mask of choice, but what I didn't mention was that it's from Vi Bella! Their masks are lightweight and breathable, and are quick to ship out! In addition to those perks, these masks meet CDC guidelines, have a reusable sewn-in filter inside, and can be bought individually. They offer great designs for men, women, and kids, and every purchase goes to funding the jobs of their artisans in Haiti and Mexico! They even offer handy mask holders to keep your mask clean and accessible when you're not wearing it!



ÉTICA is selling their 4 packs of fun, reversible, upcycled masks with a filter slot for $30. That’s a great price for ethically-made masks anyway, but with ÉTICA, you’re getting even more. For every 4 you buy, ÉTICA donates 4 masks, plants a tree, and gives 1% of their proceeds back to environmental causes. So do lots of good by wearing an ÉTICA mask, and save even more with our coupon code!


Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy is all about providing us cute, comfy, organic clothes, so it’s no surprise they want to provide us cute, comfy, organic face masks too! Their masks are 3 layered, 100% organic cotton, and they come in both adult and children’s sizes. Synergy is donating 5% of each mask sale to Feeding America to help provide food to families in need during the pandemic. And we’ve got a 15% off coupon code for you! 


Fair + Simple

Fair + Simple is going above and beyond with their mask collection that’s handwoven in Guatemala. All proceeds from their mask sales (about $8.50/mask) go toward food relief for their Guatemalan artisans and their children, so your purchase is doing good all over the world. Fair + Simple has beautiful designs, and they offer two sizes for both adults and children (in case standard masks never quite fit you right). 


Passion Lilie

Passion Lilie has great designs for men's, women's, and kids' masks as well, and gives you the option of choosing elastic or cotton tie straps. Purchases of these masks help keep operations going and provide for Passion Lilie's garment workers in India while they are under shutdown. These fair trade and eco-friendly masks can be bought individually and are ready to be shipped out!




Like everything Looptworks does, their masks are made from leftover materials from another company making a totally different product—they're upcycled! Looptworks scoops up materials that other companies would otherwise throw out and gives them new life. Looptworks masks are made from 2 layers of cotton and a breathable, yet waterproof, polyester layer. While they're prioritizing large quantity orders intended for essentials workers, you can also buy their masks individually for adults and children. Read more about how Looptworks has redeployed resources to make masks, primarily intended for essential workers here.



It shouldn’t be any surprise that Symbology is going to create gorgeous, sustainable masks for us. Gorgeous and sustainable is kind of what they do. Their masks are created with excess scrap material from their clothing collection (so if you’re already a Symbology shopper, look out for your favorite designs!) Check out their collection of hand-printed masks with filter pockets. And be sure to save with our coupon code! 



We get it, there’s wearing a mask, and then there’s wearing a mask all freaking day. If you have to wear a mask for an extended period of time, Dezen has you covered with a mask that’s comfortable to wear for hours. It’s breathable, fitted and adjustable on the nose and under the chin, ethically-made of 100% certified organic cotton, and it comes in 3 sizes. Get your all-day, everyday mask here. 


Dear Survivor

If you hate the ear loops that come on most masks, Dear Survivor is looking out for you! Straps on their masks tie behind your head so they’re adjustable, but won’t pull on your ears. Dear Survivor’s mask collection is classic, comfortable, reversible, and breathable. All masks are made from 100% cotton or linen. 


Nourish & Refine

So, apparently spraying your face/mask with different oils or body products is a thing now. That’s why Nourish & Refine is offering a face mask set with a mask and bottle of their rosewater. The comfortable, breathable mask will keep you safe and the rosewater will keep you feeling fresh and clean, even after wearing a mask all day.  


To the Market

Looking for customized face masks for your business or organization? To the Market has you covered with large-batch, black or white, 100% cotton face masks. They’ll even customize for free. Find the right bundle for you, in batches from 100 to 2,500! 


Majamas Earth

Majamas is here, as always, to provide practical everyday necessities in an ethical and organic way. Their made-in-the-USA, organic masks are sewn from excess fabrics and binding re-purposed from their collections. These masks are perfect for everyday activities—even comfortable enough to be worn even while exercising. Majamas offers their masks in two sizes and they can help you out with bulk orders for your small business. 


Pistol Lake

Pistol Lake is selling masks individually, or in bulk at up to orders of 1,500 for businesses. They are donating a portion of each mask sale to maskon.org, a non-profit whose goal is to quickly produce and distribute reusable, sanitizable emergency masks to medical workers who do not have access to FDA-approved PPE. One of the useful features of  Pistol Lake's masks is a built-in, bendable nose strip to help the mask conform to your face. Pistol Lake's masks are sturdy 2-ply construction and made from 100% cotton and you can save with our coupon code!


Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel has pivoted to making 100% GOTS certified organic cotton masks. They are selling 3 masks for $15 with an additional three masks donated per purchase. You can also buy 3 masks and have 10 donated for $30 total. As a parent, I was relieved to see that Groceries Apparel is selling kids’ masks, and was happy to buy 3 for my son and donate 3 in the process. These masks, like all Groceries Apparel products, are made in the USA with chemical-free ingredients.


tonlé is producing cotton face masks to supplement the worldwide shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 crisis. tonlé says producing these masks both frees up medical-grade N95 masks to be used by frontline doctors and nurses, as well as provides extra protection over N95 masks to preserve them during this time of limited supply. tonlé is selling these masks at cost as a way to keep their sewers in Cambodia fairly employed. You can buy 10 masks for $50 (where one mask is donated for each mask bought), or you can buy in larger quantities at a lower price per unit. And if you need to wear a face mask, why not at least make it polka-dotted?



Special thanks to all these amazing brands who are helping to keep us all safe and healthy! 





Erin King
DoneGood Contributor

Writer, editor, and all-around language enthusiast who uses her love of words to help others.



  • Todd Lido

    Hi Sandra, I’m part of the DoneGood team. Masks donated through purchases on Groceries Apparel are being donated to UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. Mask donations through tonlé are also going directly to hospitals. You are correct, these are not medical grade masks, but the donation is still helpful to medical workers. Where medical masks are in short supply, washable and reusable cotton masks can be worn over medical grade masks to prolong their useful life.

  • Mary L Schwalb



    Because these masks aren’t medical grade (i.e., for people on t
    the frontline), I’d like to know who’s getting my mask donation?

    Thank you,

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