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Healthy and Ethical Alternatives to Bath & Body Works

You don’t have to give up your favorite scents to be a sustainable shopper

Bath & Body Works is such a tempting mall staple, luring you in with its siren smell. But if you’re trying to break your BBW habit, there are tons of great ethical brands that can scratch the same itch.

Let’s check them out!



If you’re as much of a candle lover as I am, you know that there’s always room for more, no matter how many you already have hidden away at home!

You may want to clear out some storage space, though, because when it comes to candles, there are tons of great ethical brands to shop.

Two of my favorites are Keap, whose Wild Figs scent smells like a slightly more grown-up version of the retired BBW scent Brown Sugar and Fig, and Prosperity Candle, whose containers are so pretty you’ll want to repurpose all of them.


Body Wash

Another one of Bath & Body Works’ most popular products is its body wash. Luckily, sustainable switches for that are just as easy to come by.

Hand in Hand Soap has a ton of great options, including their Cactus Blossom body wash, which is similar to the BBW scent of the same name. Cactus Blossom isn’t actually available in body wash form from Bath & Body Works, so this is a great find for lovers of that scent!

When you buy a body wash of any scent from Hand in Hand, your purchase enables them to donate one bar of soap and one month’s worth of clean water to a child in need. And rest assured, their body wash is 100% palm oil free!

Also check out Soapbox and their small line of body washes. They have 4 different scents (all delicious) and made from natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Soapbox also provides bars of soap and hygiene education to people in need whenever you make a purchase.


Hand Soap

Speaking of Soapbox, they also have a great line of hand soaps in all the same scents as their body wash, in liquid or solid form. The liquid soaps are even available in a refill bag to minimize waste.

If you prefer a foaming hand soap, you can pick up some Method brand foam hand wash from The Raw Office.

And if you’re open to bar soap, you have even more options!



Teadora’s Brazilian Glow Beauty Butter is a great choice if you want a high-quality vegan skincare product and don’t mind the lack of scent options. It only comes in an unscented version and a scent called Citrus Rainfall at the moment.

If you’re someone who loves to sample a bunch of different lotion scents, Hand in Hand is coming through for you once again. Their body lotion comes in four different scents- Cactus Blossom, Citrus Grove, Lavender, and Sea Salt. If you ask me, there’s nothing more relaxing than a little lavender lotion before bed!


Hand Sanitizer

Your options for this are somewhat more limited, but Mountain Mel’s does make a great Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. It’s made with natural ingredients and smells like lavender, yum. If you’re a fan of the Bath & Body Works scent French Lavender, you’ll love this.

It also comes in a metal container rather than a plastic one. Not only is it more sustainable, but it can stand up to way more jostling around at the bottom of your bag!



Who doesn’t want to smell good? And if it can be accomplished in an ethical, sustainable way, even better!

With brands like Pour le Monde Parfums, it totally can. Their range of eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and completely natural perfumes are available in three amazing scents, with more on the way.

They also have a unique way to help you choose the perfect scent. If you buy their Natural Perfume Sample Bouquet, you’ll be sent sample vials of all 3 scents to try out. Once you determine which one you like best, redeem a code to be sent a full sized bottle, included in the original purchase price, and at a small discount!

This system works well for indecisive buyers as well as a way to gift someone a fragrance they’ll be sure to love.



Even if you’re not a big fan of Bath & Body Works products yourself, it can be a tempting place to buy gifts, especially if you’re desperately scrambling through the mall at the last second before dinner with your significant other’s parents.

But with a little foresight and planning, you can get any recipient a more unique, ethical gift.

Check out One for Women for a variety of preselected, beautifully packaged gift sets that anyone would love. You can’t go wrong!

Kayla Robbins
DoneGood Contributor

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