Is there an Ethical Alternative to Amazon? We think so.

Let’s not bury the lead here. Lots of people these days are saying “I’d like to kick my Amazon habit—or at least cut down on it—but is there an ethical alternative to Amazon? Is there a convenient site where I can easily buy what I need, but know that it’s not coming at the expense of people and the planet?” 

We think so.

And, not to toot our own horn, but we think it’s DoneGood. We know, we know, that’s a pretty bold claim, but it’s true. At least, that’s what Forbes thought when they called us “the Amazon of social good.” Still not convinced? Read on.

What exactly is the problem with Amazon?

Labor, human rights, and environmental activists have had issues with this corporate, money-making behemoth for years. Besides the fact that Amazon is hurting small and local businesses, activists have three main complaints:

  • The site is a platform for all sorts of cheap goods that are made using unethical labor like sweatshops, child labor, and slave labor.
  • The quality of products Amazon sells, as well as their promise of 2-day shipping, is a massive blight on the environment.
  • Employees in Amazon’s own warehouses and distribution centers are overworked, underpaid, and don’t receive proper treatment. 

But the outcry concerning Amazon’s questionable ethics is going mainstream. I recently heard a joke on SNL’s Weekend Update about Amazon’s poor treatment of its workers. A 2019 Axios Harris poll confirmed that Americans view Amazon as innovative, but not ethical. Amazon itself has undertaken a massive ad campaign trying to improve their public perception in the areas of their environmental policies and treatment of workers.

Activists are no longer the only ones who are taking note of Amazon’s policies. Everyday consumers are starting to realize that something has to change.

Want to find a sustainable alternative to Amazon?

DoneGood exists because we want to help you find what you need and want, and be able to buy it with a clean conscience. We offer thousands of products from over a hundred different brands to help you shop for products that were made with fair labor and eco-friendly practices.

So how does DoneGood work?

Just like Amazon. Get on our app or site, search for what you need, and filter by things like color, size, and price. Find the products you’re looking for, add them to your cart, and get them all in one convenient checkout.

We work with over a hundred brands to get you the stuff you want and need, so we’ve got lots of options for you. From apparel and accessories, to home goods, electronics and gear, personal care products, kids’ toys, coffee—you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

What about the cost?

We get it—part of Amazon’s appeal is its prices. At DoneGood, we’ve got lots of price options because we have such a diversity of brands. If you’re looking for luxury goods, we’ve got those! And we’ve also got stuff that’s affordable for everyone—while still being well made with ethical labor and planet-friendly practices. 

To make things even more affordable, we offer discount codes for lots of our brands, rewards points that get you money off, and great sales all the time (make sure you sign up for our newsletter to find out about those sales!)

And shipping?

We know that free 2-day shipping is a draw, but hey, remember, that “free” shipping is actually costing $120 a year. Not as a great a deal as they’d like us to believe.

DoneGood offers free US shipping (truly free, no annual fee!) for orders over $49, and we regularly have free shipping sales on any amount. We work hard to keep our flat-rate shipping fees on orders under $49 low for you, because we think you deserve cool, sustainable products—no matter how big or small. 

You may have guessed that 2-day shipping comes at a major cost to the planet and to the people fulfilling your order, and that’s not what we’re about! We want to do right by other people and the planet! 

But we also want you to get your order in a reasonable amount of time. We work with brands who are passionate about what they do, and that means they’re pumped to get you a product that you’ll love, and they work hard to do it as fast as they possibly can. 

As an added shipping perk, we automatically offset the carbon emissions from the shipping of your order. Yep, the shipping of your order is carbon neutral! And we think that’s about the best shipping benefit you can have!

You can shop with a clean conscience. You can buy what you need and know that you’re supporting fair labor and a happy planet. Have we convinced you yet?

Join the movement and shop on!

Wanna find brands that are doing good things the big guys aren’t? Check out our alternatives series to find them!




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