Carbon Neutral Shipping


Getting eco-friendly products through DoneGood helps fight climate change.

On top of that, DoneGood offsets the carbon emissions of every order you make through our site so that having the order shipped to you doesn't contribute to climate change either!

How offsetting works:

DoneGood uses a program linked to the checkout cart on our site to automatically calculate an estimate of the carbon that will be emitted from transporting your package to you. We then make a donation to a reforestation non-profit that plants trees that naturally suck carbon out of the atmosphere.  We make a donation each month to plant enough trees to remove the same amount of carbon from our atmosphere as was generated from shipping every single order placed through our site. 

That means your orders through DoneGood support eco-friendly production processes, provide funding for environmental non-profits, and help plant trees to suck carbon out of the air--so you're fighting climate change, just by getting something you needed to buy anyway.