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Longhorn Cashmere Scarf in Orchid & Gold

Longhorn Cashmere Scarf in Orchid & Gold


This whimsical longhorn is handprinted by artisans in Rajasthan, long-known for their prolific textiles. Block printing is a traditional stamping technique that dates back thousands of years to the desert region in West India.

The cozy warmth of 100% cashmere paired with smart and unique prints make these scarves ideal for elevating any trendy winter wardrobe.


All of Symbology's products are made by hand by women artisans who use traditional art techniques. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, paying livable wages to our artisans and using eco friendly dyes. 

Scarf Details

  • 100% Lightweight Cashmere Wool
  • Block Printed
Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
Brand Symbology
Discount code donegood
Discount amount 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER
SKU 37_AW15_2001_LGHL_PNK
Brand’s Story

Clothing hand-crafted by women artists from India and the West Bank who bring beautiful cultural art forms and traditions to each garment.


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