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Dolce Espresso

 Empowers Workers
 Gives Back
 Organic/GMO Free
Brand Grounds for Change
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Brand’s Story

Certified fair trade, organic, and carbon-free coffee. Roasting eco-friendly coffee for 15 years, Grounds for Change offsets carbon emissions from crop to cup and gives back to the planet with every purchase.

More Information

Dolce Espresso Blend is a medium-dark combination of slow-roasted fair trade organic coffees that are precisely balanced to deliver a smooth shot that is sweet and full-bodied with notes of caramel, maple syrup and chocolate. This 100% arabica espresso blend produces a very thick crema and is wonderful to drink straight or combined with steamed milk.

To make high-quality espresso, we recommend that you use a calibrated burr grinder or order your beans Espresso Grind.

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Sweet notes of caramel, maple syrup and chocolate


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