About Us

Meet DoneGood: an ethical marketplace with 120+ ethical brands – where every purchase you make does good for people and the planet. 

That means the brands on our site prioritize things like paying fair wages, using sustainable materials and ingredients, and empowering the local communities in which they operate. 

We do the research to vet these brands for you… so you can feel good knowing the dollars you spend are building a better world. It’s that simple. 

Part of the Karma Wallet Ecosystem

DoneGood has been changing the way you shop since 2015. But in April 2024, we were acquired by Karma Wallet, a financial ecosystem that leverages cutting-edge technology and data to empower conscious consumers like you. 

Meet the products: designed so you can #LiveYourValues every single day.


Karma Wallet Data: The Karma Wallet data platform gives you the information you need to make ethical and sustainable purchasing decisions. It contains millions of data points about 18,000+ brands, including both their social and environmental impact. 

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Karma Score: It’s like a credit score, but for the real-world impact of your money. By checking your Karma Score, you get a quick glance at how your everyday spending affects the world around you. You can measure and offset the carbon footprint of your shopping, and receive personalized insights on brands that match your personal values.

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Karma Wallet Membership:The Karma Wallet membership comes with the Karma Wallet Card: a prepaid, reloadable debit card that offers up to 20% cashback from thousands of sustainable brands. Simply transfer money from your bank (no hidden fees) and spend just like any other card. But unlike other cards, you’ll get some awesome benefits that are good for your wallet, and good for the planet. 

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DoneGood fits into this ecosystem by giving consumers a marketplace to discover, and support, brands that are building a better future. 

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Walking the Walk

We don’t just support brands changing the world. We are one. As part of the Karma Wallet ecosystem, DoneGood is a…

Certified B Corp: This means we use business as a force for good. 

Public Benefit Corporation: That means we’re legally required to pursue our social mission, not just maximize shareholder profit. 

Member of 1% for the Planet: We donate 1% of revenue to nonprofits changing the world.


Our Impact

120+ brands doing good for people and planet

100,000+ community members supporting a more sustainable future

$2,000,000+ diverted to companies changing the world


Conscious Consumerism

Did you know that when you shop sustainably, you vote with your dollar? Every purchase you make that supports sustainable, local, and ethical brands – instead of giant corporations – tells the market that consumers want these kinds of products. 

And in time, the markets will shift to meet this need.

That means more products that are better for the world, better for you, and overall just… better. 

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to building a sustainable future together.

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