Gifts that do good for the world--made by brands that reduce poverty, empower communities, and fight climate change--feel good to give, and great to receive.

And, we believe that gifts from DoneGood are usually higher quality, more unique, and more meaningful than most of what you'll find on Amazon or in big box stores.

Check out the gift guides below to find the perfect gifts that all do good for people and the planet.

     Top holiday gifts for animal lovers. Shop gifts that give back.      Top sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for plant moms.  Gifts for people who like plants and gardening.      Top gifts for beach lovers and ocean lovers.  Holiday gifts that protect the ocean.     Ethically sourced holiday gifts for coffee lovers. Shop fair trade coffee gifts that give back.     Best gifts for people who like cocktails and wine. Mix the perfect cocktail with these eco-friendly gifts. Pour the perfect glass of wine with sustainable gifts that fight poverty and climate change.     Best gifts for people who like the moon and stars. Mystical gifts that give back.     Gifts for people who love flowers. Find the perfect floral gift that is meaningful and gives back to people and the planet.     Meaningful gifts for the foodie or chef in your life.  Best ethically sourced holiday gifts.