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  1. The Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle
  2. The Fisherman Sweater in Natural Waffle
  3. Essential Sweatshirt
  4. Boxer Brief
  5. The Merino Boxer in Heather Grey
  6. The California in Blue Everyday Chambray
  7. Alcin Sandal, Asphalt
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  8. Fitted Button Up in 3D Stars
    promo code: donegood
  9. Jean Robert
    promo code: DONEGOOD
  10. Button Up Shirt in Moon Phases with Nehru Collar
    promo code: donegood
  11. Avery 34" Modern Straight | Reverie
  12. Button Up Shirt in Tiny Cacti with Nehru Collar
    promo code: donegood
  13. The California in Charcoal Everyday Chambray
  14. Avery 30" Modern Straight | Rifle
  15. The California in White Jacquard Dot
  16. Cooper 32" Tapered Slim | Revolver
  17. Hunter 32" Skinny | Generation
  18. The California in Navy Jacquard Dot
  19. The Jack in Charcoal Everyday Oxford
  20. The Democratic Jean in Cone Mills Standard
  21. The Slim Jean in Cone Mills Standard
  22. Nick 34" Slim | Darkside
  23. The Jack in Sun Bleached Denim
  24. The Antoni Tee in Heather Blue
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 190

Set Descending Direction

Men's Section

A lot of people talk about women's fashion like it’s an ongoing struggle, but men can have difficulty figuring out what styles and outfits work best too! Especially if you’re trying to find ethical and sustainably-made items—the fact is the explosion of ethical fashion movement has, so far, produced a lot more options for women than for men. But, there are still a lot of brands making clothes for men that are paying fair trade wages and using highly ecofriendly processes.

Obviously this isn’t true for all and we’re always reluctant to generalize, but it can be the case that men's fashion is something that a guy doesn’t pick up as much talking with his friends or following Instagram influencers. So sometimes it can be harder to get ideas or find the right item. It can be easy to fall into a rut, not knowing where to start beyond the same old things you’re already comfortable wearing.

One of the most popular areas of men's clothing has become the graphic tee and jeans look. There are a lot of ethical, sustainable, organic t-shirt options for guys out there. Some fashion experts have said they have problems with graphic tees as they believe that no one really enjoys reading other people's clothing... But we still like some of ‘em anyway! And men routinely buy these clothes more for a nice fit than the graphic. Selecting softer and more comfortable but stylish clothes can make a difference.

Buying men's clothing that properly fits a man's body cannot be overstated. Men will sometimes purchase baggier clothing as it as seen as more comfortable. And sometimes pure comfort is what you’re going for. But for nights out on the town and things like that, a pair of jeans that properly hugs a guy’s legs and is relatively form-fitting can still be comfortable and might appear more stylish.

Another thing the fashionistas/-istos argue about mens fashion is shorts. Some experts say that shorts are inappropriate on any man over 25, but we say no way, shorts can look great on men.

Men's Athletic wear is a place where it can be easy to settle. Branching out on different types of material that assist your workout and fit will revolutionize your time, and the way you dress, at the gym.

Go for comfort, fit and (they say) matching clothes. As long as any clothes properly fit the man and match decently well, it’ll all work out. There is hope for those of us who have nothing but work clothes and sweatpants! ;-)

Interest in men's fashion is on the rise. A man who looks good feels good. And of course, we think it also always feels better to shop with brands that support your beliefs. Consumers have tremendous power—the more we demand products that reduce poverty, fight climate change, and otherwise make the world better, the more the market will supply those things.