Refugee Awareness Month

It's Refugee Awareness Month, a time to honor and act to support the men, women, and children who leave behind everything to escape war, persecution, or terror—and to recognize the amazing, unique contributions they bring to our world! Wherever they are from—Syria, Sudan, the DRC, or Ukraine and other war-torn places around the world—we stand with refugees and agree with this year’s Refugee Awareness Month theme: "Whoever. Wherever. Whenever. Everyone has the right to seek safety." That's why today we're donating 50% of revenue from all our sales to the International Rescue Committee and their mission to help refugees "survive, recover and gain control over their future." Another way to support refugees is supporting their new jobs in destination countries. Several of our partner brands work with refugees to craft unique and ethical products. These artisans earn good wages, great benefits, and are able to work flexible hours so they can build a better life for themselves and their families. Here are a few of those companies on DoneGood.


Prosperity Candle

Candle makers at Prosperity Candle in Massachusetts are refugees from all over the world who are building brighter futures for themselves and their families. They earn living wages and work in a spacious, sunlit studio crafting natural, non-toxic soy candles that look beautiful, smell incredible, and do a lot of good in the world. Prosperity Candle loves sharing these amazing women's stories as they work towards their dreams and go on to pursue school and other careers



The amazing knitters at bebemoss are Syrian refugees in Turkey who hand-knit adorable children's toys all while taking care of their own children. Fair trade wages and flexible schedules allow these mothers to send their kids to school and take care of little ones while working—they even have a dedicated child area in their workshop! And they're at work making the most adorable hand-knit heirloom toys that come with an amazing story.


Sitti Soap

The Sitti Soap team is made up of 13 men and women at the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan who handcraft olive oil soaps and make beautiful embroideries. Sitti Soap is dedicated to providing fair wages, as well as education and empowerment for their employees. And Sitti Soap products are as great for the environment as they are for you; they're committed to vegan and toxin-free ingredients and zero-waste production.


Colive is all about peace in divided Cyprus. They make delicious olive oil in the demilitarized zone of the island with olives from both sides, and invest 10% of profits from each purchase into peace education. Cyprus also has the highest number of asylum-seekers per capita on their small island, so shopping with Colive is supporting peace in a lot of ways.