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POPi Toothbrush | Single (ships fall 2019)

 Gives Back
 Cruelty Free
 Made in the U.S.A.
Brand Preserve
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Brand’s Story

A pioneer in sustainable consumables, Preserve offers a range of high-quality, well-designed everyday products from toothbrushes and razors to kitchenware. Founder Eric started the company in the '90s because a lot of people had started recycling—but pretty much no one was making stuff out of recycled materials. All products are made from 100% recycled materials, and we love the toothbrushes!

More Information

Introducing the POPi Toothbrush: Made with love and recycled ocean plastic

We are proud to introduce the POPi Toothbrush -- made from recycled ocean plastic recovered through the clean up efforts of our partners.

25% of the proceeds of POPi products sold will be donated to non-profits that work to clean up oceans and beaches, support marine conservation and research plastic pollution.

When you buy a POPi Toothbrush, you are playing a role in stopping the flow of wayward plastic that contaminates our oceans and harms earth's marine animals.

Click here to learn more about POPi!

Please note that the POPi Toothbrush is available for pre-order now and it will ship in the fall. If your Cart includes additional items, you will receive those items first and you will receive your POPi Toothbrush in a separate shipment later this fall.


  • Made with LOVE and recycled ocean plastic
  • Handle created with recycled #2 HDPE ocean plastic, recovered through the clean up efforts of our partners; bristles are new nylon
  • Easy-to-grip curved handle
  • Tiered bristles for gentle, thorough cleaning
  • Available in Soft Bristles only
  • POPi Toothbrushes are recyclable through Preserve's mail-in recycling program
  • Please note: Because of the donation component of POPi products, they are not discounted during sales.

Our Partners:

The 5 Gyres Institute is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, with a global network of supporters united in the pursuit of a planet free of plastic pollution. 5 Gyres mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure.

Renew Oceans is a nonprofit organization working to reduce ocean plastic pollution where it begins - in populous river adjacent communities in the world. They divert plastic waste with biofences in rivers across the developing world, and renew these plastics into fuels while empowering local communities.


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