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About our Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Women’s Dresses

Look at you getting all fancy! With DoneGood’s collection of sustainable women's dresses, short and maxi, and jumpsuits & rompers, you’ll look great because you’re shopping high-quality pieces, and you’ll be doing great because they all come from sustainable women’s clothing brands. For classy wardrobe additions that are ethical and eco-friendly, shop on! Here’s why we love this collection:

Good for people: Look no further for a great selection of ethically-made and fair trade dresses! You can look good and feel good knowing that the person who made your dress was empowered with fair wages and safe working conditions. Committed to slow fashion, our DoneGood approved brands work hard to make sure that your dress is as good for the maker as it is for the wearer!

Good for the planet: Our brands are passionate about eco-friendly fabrics, low-waste processes, water-saving techniques, and more, so you’re sure to find lots of options for organic, zero-waste, and even upcycled dresses! Shop on for a variety of eco-friendly dresses that look good while saving the planet!

Did we mention cute? You may have already caught on just from browsing around, but our partner brand fashionistas are experts at making dresses that do good things and also look good on you! Click around our sustainable women's dresses and you’re sure to find adorable dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers that fit your style and your price range.

Looking for something else? From sustainable swimwear, to ethical activewear, and even sustainable underwear that looks as great as it feels, DoneGood’s organic women’s clothing collection has something for everyone.