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About Our Sustainable Women’s Sneakers


Not your typical athletic shoes—DoneGood’s collection of sustainable women’s sneakers are sustainably-made and eco-friendly, all the while looking fresh and classy. Shop on for stylish, ethically-made shoes to keep you going!

Good for people: On the hunt for sweatshop free running shoes? Look no further! Our collection of ethically-made sneakers comes from brands who are passionate about putting other people first. The people who craft your tennies not only earn fair wages in safe working conditions, they’re lifting themselves out of poverty and creating better lives for themselves and their families—all while making you really cool shoes!

Good for the planet:  Look no further for your next pair of sustainable women's sneakers! Our collection of ethically-made running shoes features lots of resource-saving, made-of-sustainable-materials, and even vegan sneakers and running shoes!

Good for you: And all that attention to detail makes these running shows even better for your workout! Customers love the comfort, durability, breathability, and lightweight nature of our sneaker collection! Plus, the step up in quality means you’re getting sneakers that will last a long time! And that ends up being better for people, the planet...and your wallet!

Looking for something else? We’ve got shoes for everyone and every occasion. Need a knockout pair of heels for when you’re out on the town? Some comfy-but-classy flats for work? What about sustainable boots ready for any type of adventure? Or simply shop all our shoes. No matter what your budget or what your style, we’ve got you covered, sister.