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Human Trafficking: Myths and Facts

Human trafficking is a complex issue which can make it difficult to define and easy to misunderstand.

But with an estimated 40 million slaves in the world today, human trafficking is an important issue. We can’t let confusion or misunderstandings get in the way of learning about and fighting against it. 

So let’s dig in a little bit and define what human trafficking actually means, what it doesn’t mean, and what we can all do to help.

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Check Out Sweden’s Recycled Mall

This mall in Sweden has everything.

The brightly lit interiors, huge glass windows into shops, seating around largescale art installations, a breezy mezzanine looking into the lobby area below, and a fair amount of hustle and bustle.

The only thing it’s missing is brand-new merchandise.

In fact, every item for sale in this entire mall is second hand, upcycled, or made from reused materials.

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DoneGood's Amazon Alternatives for October

October is here, and DoneGood has your Amazon alternatives for this month covered!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find ethical, affordable Amazon alternatives (that’s kind of what we do). So, we looked at Amazon’s best selling products for October and found some DoneGood alternatives that are similar, affordable, and make the world a better place.

Let’s see what our world-changing partner brands have to offer us this month.

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Brand Spotlight: Akamae

Akamae as a word means freedom. As a brand, it stands for the same thing.

Akamae’s focus is on providing refugee artisans with the market that they need to sell their goods and make a living for themselves once more.

Access to this global market is something that many of us take for granted in our entrepreneurial efforts in the West, but it can be completely life-changing for those who were previously denied access to it.

Going from offering luxury wares to people who have no way to afford them to offering them to a global marketplace with access to an abundance of wealth of course increases sales, allowing these refugee artists to become self-reliant.

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3 Green Laundry Tips That Won't Harm the Environment

Your laundry routine has a huge impact on the environment, and not to mention, your health, closet, and wallet. Thankfully though, we can all make small, eco-friendly changes to our laundry habits to make a positive difference. Be a little kinder to Mother Earth (and yourself) by practicing these 3 green laundry tips...

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